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Weight Lifting Exercises and Weight Training Programs

Weight lifting exercises need to be done correctly to be effective and to be done safely. Weight Training Programs provide the best weight training exercises for gains in muscle strength and for weight management, since the more muscle that you have, the more calories that you will burn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Weight training equipment needs to be used correctly for safety and to optimize the effectiveness of your strength training workouts.

The weight lifting exercises we feature are categorized by the specific muscle group - abdominal exercises, arm exercises, back exercises, butt exercises, chest exercises, leg exercises and shoulder exercises.

Use the sample weight training exercises not only to learn proper technique and proper use of weight lifting equipment, but to also determine the weight lifting program that is right for you.

Weight Training Exercises to Learn Proper Weight Lifting Technique

Weight Lifting Programs Weight Training Articles

Abdominal Exercises
8 Minutes In The Morning To A Flat Belly
Ab Crunches - animated
Ab Crunches - video demonstration
Abdominal Routine, Guaranteed Results!
From Flab To Fab: Awesome Abs In Minutes
Fab Abs Fast: Get Your Checklist
Ditch The Devices! We've Got 3 Steps To Fab Abs
A Flatter Stomach Is Just 3 Steps Away
10 Minutes To A Flatter Tummy
Bye, Bye Love Handles
Lying Bent Knee Raise
Trunk Rotations
10 Worst Ab Exercises
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Arm Exercises
Arm Yourself With Bigger Biceps
Concentration Curl
Hammer Curls
Sexy Arms In 2 Steps!
Triceps Kickback
Triceps Pressdowns
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Back Exercises
Front Lat Pulldowns
One Arm Dumbbell Row
Reverse Lat Row
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Butt Exercises
10 Best Butt Exercises
3 More Steps To A Better Butt!
3 Steps To A Better Butt!
5 Secrets Of A Better Butt
3 Steps To A Beautiful Butt!
Your Guide To A Tighter Tush
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Chest Exercises
Cable Cross Overs
Dumbbell Press
Flat Flyes
The Push-Up and How to Love It
Wide Stance Wall Push
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Leg Exercises
3 Steps To Great Legs
10 Minute Leg Exercises
Lying Leg Curls
Standing Calf Raises- video
Standing Calf Raises -animated
Standing Leg Abduction
Sexy Thighs In 2 Steps
2 Steps To Thinner Thighs
3 Steps To Thinner Thighs
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Shoulder Exercises
Military Press
Sexy Shoulders - 3 Simple Exercises
Shoulder Press
Side Raises
Wide Grip Upright Row

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