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Sexy Arms In 2 Steps!

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Sexy arms are the tell-tale sign of a fit-and-trim figure.

Sexy Arms While the rest of your body may only be exposed a few months of the year, depending on where you live, your arms are constantly in the spotlight. Whether its sleeveless tops by summer or fancy holiday dresses come winter, it seems like your arms are always out there on display.

While men tend to work out their arms and chest, women are more likely to concentrate on the big three trouble spots: abs, butt and thighs. But ask any woman who’s whipped her formerly flabby figure into shape what gets noticed most often and she’ll likely point to her buff biceps and triceps.

Ironically, the arms are among the easiest body parts to tone, according to fitness expert Joyce Vedral. The 59-year-old wonder woman who has defied the aging process learned from experience. Almost two decades ago, Vedral was an overweight, out-of-shape English professor, but that was before physical fitness became her mission. Training under the guide of fitness guru Joe Weider, Vedral went from a size 13 to a size 5 in just 10 weeks.

Since then, she has shared her slimming secrets in more than more than 14 fitness books and 20 videos. Now, she’s using her Definition video to target those flabby flagwavers, the excess skin hanging between the elbow and the armpit when you raise your arm. The fitness buff points out that while many day-to-day activities strengthen the biceps -- something as simple as lifting a can of soup off the shelf -- the triceps require a more specific exercise regimen.

“The triceps are probably the most under-exercised body part on women,” she tells eDiets from her New York office. There arent many natural movements that women do through the course of the day that are going to exercise the triceps.

“You would have to do something that required holding your arms above your head and moving them behind you. Or you would have to do something similar to a bench press, keeping your hands close together and bringing them in to your chest. When you think about it, there aren’t too many ways you work the triceps on a daily basis.”

Although toning the triceps does prevent injury -- because you’re strengthening the other side of the biceps muscle -- it’s appearance that motivates most women, Vedral says. Even if you’re overweight, you will notice a major difference in the triceps in just three weeks.

And you aren’t just benefiting your arms with her workout. By putting muscle on any part of the body, you are jumpstarting your metabolism and helping the body burn fat, even when you’re asleep.

“The most exciting thing to me about working the triceps is that it’s a body part that can be shown off all year round. Some women are never going to sport themselves in a bikini or bathing suit, but wouldn’t it be lovely to look like you’re in fabulous shape? If you have gorgeous arms, you’re going to feel great about yourself. You’ll be able to go out in any kind of dress and feel good.”

To achieve maximum results, Vedral recommends using the true pyramid system. For the triceps, you will perform the two exercises shown below -- the seated overhead press and the close bench press. You will need a light weight, a middle weight, and a heavy weight. Beginners should start out with 1-, 2- and 3-pound dumbbells. You should increase the amount of weight you use over time.

Seated Overhead Press Seated Overhead Press
Grasp a dumbbell with both hands with an overhead grip, holding it on either side of the ball shape. Sit on a flat bench or chair, and raise the dumbbell straight up, locking your elbows and keeping your biceps close to your ears. Keeping your biceps close to your head, and your elbows stationary, lower the dumbbell in an arclike movement by letting your arms descend behind you. Feel a full stretch in your triceps muscles as you go, return to start position. Willfully flex your triceps muscles and repeat the movement until you have completed your set. Without resting, proceed to the close bench press.

Tip: Your upper arms must remain close to your head throughout the movement. Dont hold your breath. Breathe naturally.

Close Bench Press Close Bench Press
Lie on a flat exercise bench and grip a dumbbell with both hands, palms facing upward. Hold the dumbbell close to the center of your chest, and grip the ball at the end of the dumbbell with each hand. Flexing your triceps muscles as you go, and keeping your elbows close to your body, raise your arms upward until they are fully extended. Willfully flex your triceps and, continuing to keep your elbows close to your body, return to start position. Feel the stretch in your triceps muscle and repeat the movement until you have completed your set.

Tip: In order to make sure that your triceps do the work, it is mandatory that you keep your upper arms close to your body throughout the exercise.

Set 1: Perform 12 repetitions of the seated overhead press using 1-pound dumbbells. Without resting, perform 12 repetitions of the close bench press. Move to set two; do not rest.

Set 2: Perform 10 repetitions of the seated overhead press using 2-pound dumbbells. Without resting, perform 10 repetitions of the close bench press. Move to set three; do not rest.

Set 3: Perform 8 repetitions of the seated overhead press using 3-pound dumbbells. Without resting, perform 8 repetitions of the close bench press. Move to set four; do not rest.

Set 4: Perform 10 repetitions of the seated overhead press using 2-pound dumbbells. Without resting, perform 10 repetitions of the close bench press. Move to set five; do not rest.

Set 5: Perform 12 repetitions of the seated overhead press using 1-pound dumbbells. Without resting, perform 12 repetitions of the close bench press.

EDITOR'S NOTE: When it comes to exercise, there are many viewpoints and beliefs. eDiets has its very own fitness program. However, from time to time, we highlight programs and exercises developed by Joyce Vedral and other well-known fitness pros. It is possible you will see contradictions from one story to another.

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