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Farewell to 46 Pounds Weight Loss Success Story

From eDiets - The online diet, fitness, and healthy living resource

Justin Statham wanted to lose weight as much as the next guy, but the frustrated Georgian didn’t know if he could tackle the dreaded "D" word again.

It wasn’t like Justin, 27, had never uttered the four-letter word before. Two failed attempts at a low-carb lifestyle had left him leery and far from lean. He had watched his weight yo-yo until the number on the scale peaked at 225 pounds.

Justin was perpetually exhausted and saddled with back pain triggered by his protruding tummy. It's a fact that as little as 10 extra pounds of belly can add 100 pounds of pressure on your back!

Justin had suffered from serious back problems since childhood. But when he reached adulthood, his aches became more severe. One physician diagnosed his woes as arthritis. Another believed Justin was suffering from ankylosing spondylitis, a degenerative disease that strikes the spine.

Justin was determined to lead an ache-free life. First he drop 15 pounds on his own. Then last June he placed his trust -- and his achy breaky back -- in the hands of the world's No. 1 online weight loss website,

The third try at dieting proved a charm for Justin, who now weighs a sleek 164 pounds and sports a 32-inch waistline. The pain that had long-plagued Justin is gone... and so too are his extra 46 pounds!

"Between going to the chiropractor once a week and losing weight, I don’t hurt anymore," Justin tells eDiets. "I used to feel like someone had stuck a knife between my shoulder blades. The pain was probably because of all of the weight."

Our successful slimmer knew from the start he had plenty of work to do if he was ever going to achieve permanent weight loss. He could no longer stuff himself with TWO large pizzas or 27 chicken wings at an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet. The 5'10" technical support manager admits overeating had long been his dietary downfall, so the time had come to master portion control.

"This diet has become a lifestyle change," Justin says. "I know for myself that I will never go back to eating a large pizza or a 16-ounce steak or a pound of pasta for dinner.”

With eDiets, the meal plan was there in black and white. Whether it was the roasted turkey with potatoes or the healthy bean stew, Justin could have his pick of healthy, hearty foods that filled him up without filling him out. It wasnt long before the weight began to melt away.

"It works great!" he raves. "I follow the meal plan by the book Monday through Friday afternoon. On Friday, I have a light lunch and then I eat BBQ for dinner. I also go out to eat on Saturday night. I eat everything else by the book. I basically eat the same stuff every week: oatmeal for breakfast, Healthy Choice for lunch, and then I cook dinner."

Following a balanced meal plan was a pleasant experience for Justin, who says his enthusiasm had quickly burned out during his previous attempts at low-carb diets.

"With eDiets, you can eat whatever you want," he explains. "When you’re following the low-carb plan, you get tired of eating eggs and eggs and eggs. With this you have more flexibility than anything you’ve ever tried. If you get tired of one food, you choose another. It’s not like you dread eating three chicken breasts or a 20-ounce steak every night.

"I did the Atkins diet for six months. If you can do that, this is a cake walk."

Faced with the demands a full-time career, a wife and eight pets, Justin often finds himself pressed for time. Yet he still found a way to squeeze in a regular exercise regimen. He kept Monday and Wednesday nights reserved for 90 minutes of weight training. His ultimate goal is to go from a trimmed down, but still saggy stomach to taut washboard abs.

Throughout his weight loss journey, Justin would turn to an old photo of himself for motivation. The snapshot showed a slender and sleek Justin just out of high school. There were those people who told the determined dieter he would never get back his slim stature, but he proved them wrong by following our New Dieting Solution.

Sure, there were times he had to fight off temptation. But Justin handled the pressure by concocting a few survival secrets. Several nights a week he would substitute a half-cup of Healthy Choice ice cream for a piece of fruit. It was enough to get him through the tough times.

"The dedication is tough for the first three months, but once you get used to eating smaller portions and watching everyone else eat ice cream, brownies, cookies and cake, you will become immune and it won’t bother you anymore," he says.

Justin does have one regret -- he wishes he'd gotten more involved with the eDiets support groups. It wasn’t until recently that he began posting on the Men’s Room and sharing his success story. Working with other members has given him the opportunity to help others get motivated.

"Without a doubt, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the eDiets program," he says. "If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll lose a pound here or there but you’re not going to consistently melt it off like you will here."

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