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How I Lost 161 Pounds Weight Loss Success Story

From eDiets - The online diet, fitness, and healthy living resource

Are you struggling to lose 10 pounds? Well, imagine then having to lose 10 pounds... and to have to do it 16 consecutive times!

That’s right, 160 pounds, the weight of an average person and a female bighorn sheep. Impossible? Naaaaaaaaaaaa... Not according to vivacious Vanessa F. This weeks super-stunner is the stuff that diet dreams are made of.

Since joining eDiets in August 2001, 24-year-old Vanessa has made the stunning transformation from frumpy to fabulous. Her weight has plunged from 311 to 150 pounds and instead of squeezing into size 26 clothes, shes now slipping her 5'10" frame into slender size 7s.

Vanessa, an online merchandiser for, was no stranger to dieting. Starting at age 12, she had tried virtually every diet known to woman (and man). From the Cabbage Soup Diet to the 3-Day Diet, nothing was too quirky or offbeat for this desperate dieter. While the weight would often come off quickly, the aftermath was a whirlwind of despair. Vanessa would pack back on every last pound she shed... and then some.

Vanessa was the victim of yo-yo dieting and more than double her healthy weight. A big part of the problem: her struggle with emotional eating. After the birth of son Joshua, now 5, her weight woes only worsened.

“If I was happy, I’d celebrate by going out to eat,” the curvy-again Canadian says from her office in Quebec. “If I had a horrible day, I would indulge. My life revolved around food. But it doesn’t anymore.”

Having had her fill of diets, Vanessa knew she needed a major lifestyle overhaul. The bad habits had to go. Skipping two important meals -- lunch and dinner -- hadn’t been her only downfall. When she did eat, it was fattening fast food from McDonald’s and Burger King. Vanessa was at the point she never wanted to say diet again, but she desperately needed to lose weight.

Vanessa 160 Pounds Overweight Then, while taking a quiz online, she stumbled upon an ad for eDiets and decided to pay the weight loss website a visit. The yummy menus, the individualized shopping lists and the super support boards immediately caught her eye. These were the tools she had lacked for so long. With nothing to lose but weight, Vanessa signed on to become a member of eDiets - the leading online weight loss program.

“It was like a Weight Watchers meeting from home, but even better," she raves. "The meals were planned out. I didn’t have to think about what I was going to eat, which is very hard. When you’re an overeater, you put so much into the thought process about what you’re going to eat.

“eDiets helped me change my thought process. When I think about what I’m going to eat, a rice cake or fruit comes to mind. Before, I never ate fruit and vegetables. When I want chips, I go for the Baked Lays. I got used to eating that way. Now, it’s my lifestyle... and I didn’t have to omit anything.”

Overweight Vanessa At first, following the plan was a challenge for Vanessa. It wasnt just a matter of changing her diet; she needed to change her mind. As the days went by, she got into a routine that guaranteed slimming success. She would keep a copy of her weekly meal plan and check the meals off as she ate them. She read the tip-packed newsletters religiously and soon began receiving support on the bulletin boards from her fellow eDieters.

It was a recipe for success. Vanessa was soon seeing the pounds melt away at a healthy rate of two per week. It was the biggest obstacle she had ever overcome. What surprised her the most was how well eDiets fit her life -- she didn’t have to stop living while she was losing.

“I can go out to dinner and eat Chinese," she notes. "I’m so used to having stir-fry that I don’t want the General Tao’s Chicken. I work in an office, where they have Danishes every morning. But I realize if I put that Danish in my stomach, I won’t be able to digest it. I’d rather have fruit that makes me feel light and lively, not junk that I won’t be able to digest.”

Vanessa Lost 160 Pounds! Once she got rolling with her diet program, Vanessa became serious about a fitness plan too. She started slow by taking walks with a few friends. From there, she joined a women's gym. She even enlisted a personal trainer to keep her on the right track.

She refused to let the extra pounds weigh her down. The moment she hit 20 pounds down, Vanessa began Tae Bo classes. Today, physical activity is a key element in her life. Vanessa somehow finds the time to do Tae Bo on Mondays and Wednesdays, Power Turbo on Tuesdays and Thursdays, aerobics once a week, weight training with her trainer once a week, and yoga or Pilates once a week.

All her hard work has paid off. Not only is Vanessa in the best physical shape of her life, shes also more confident than ever before.

Vanessa admits there was a mental transition she had to make, especially when men's feelings toward her turned from “Hey Bubba” to “Hey Baby!”

Vanessa says, “I had always been a happy-go-lucky person. I hated the fact I was overweight. I hated myself for it. But I’m okay with it now. I keep a picture of myself on the fridge to remind me that’s what I looked like before.

"I am still the same person inside; I just look very different on the outside. I’m completely comfortable with myself."

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