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Beware The I'ds of March!

Spring has sprung and there you and I sit, overweight and overtired. The year is one-fourth gone and we are dangerously close to having little more than not-so-fond memories of the body we wanted by now.

Here are a few examples of what I mean by the dreaded I'ds of March:

  • I'd be in better shape if only I'd been working out sooner...
  • I'd be thinner if only I'd have started my diet January 1st...
  • I'd be more energetic if only I'd have lost my gut like I planned -- and vowed -- to do on New Year's Eve!

It's time to seize the moment and stop ignoring the warnings issued by your ever-expanding body.

5 Fitness Tips to Jumpstart Your Fitness Program

Use these tips to get your fitness program started right and avoid the excuses year round!

TIP #1: The quick, get-it-out-of-the-way workout

Perform one exercise movement per day for five consecutive days and perform only that movement for eight non-stop minutes (taking appropriate short seconds of rest to catch your breath). For example, perform bent-knee push-ups on Monday; lunges on Tuesday; abdominal crunches on Wednesday; squats with your hands on your hips on Thursday; and, all of the above exercises in succession on Friday. I guarantee it will be quick and you’ll definitely feel it.

TIP #2: Split in two

Research has proven that exercise is just as effective if performed in separate bouts. Go for two 10-minute walks per day. Try one walk in the morning before work and one in the afternoon at lunch. It adds up to 20 quick and efficient minutes of exercise per day.

TIP #3: Get outside

Commune with nature! To jumpstart your workout, your body and your soul, get out of the house and do part of your exercise in a natural environment. You'll find you can better move and breathe outdoors. Go for a walk, jog or cycle. Take your kids to the park and actually play with them.

TIP #4: Tighten up with isometrics

Just by flexing a few times each day, you can maintain a significant amount of muscle tone. Simply flex those muscles whenever you’re sitting in your car, standing at the bus stop or walking to the boss' office. For example, while stuck in traffic, tighten your abdominals and hold for 60 seconds. Please remember to keep breathing through your nostrils. Maybe you’re waiting in line at the store checkout. Nothing much to do? Hardly! Flex and tighten your legs and hold for 30 seconds. Believe it or not, this can help to strengthen and tighten the muscle. It’s won’t exactly provide the benefit that weight training will give you, but it will get you started in the right direction.

TIP #5: Shop till you drop

Mall shoppers can take the stairs a specific number of times. For example, decide that you’ll take the stairs 10 times and you won’t leave until you’ve completed all 10 repetitions. Spread it out during your shopping as much as you need, but be sure to complete the 10 times. You can make a game of it by shopping a bit on the upper level and then switching to the lower level. Remember, I said to use the stairs... not the escalator!

Thanks Raphael. Successful dieters know that fitness provides that extra punch you need to burn fat and calories faster. When you decide to link up with eDiets, be sure to click on our fitness program and the little extra that'll mean a lot!

5 Simple Changes To Lose 10 Pounds

Weight loss is not magic and if it sounds too good to be true, and we’ve all heard this, it is. Weight loss is a numbers game but there is a payoff for you if you follow my instructions.

Make small changes -- they pay off, big time. Small changes made consistently, pay off in pounds off.

1. If you usually drink regular soda, STOP! Lose more than 2 pounds in a month without trying (estimating about 10 cans per week). One 12-ounce can of soda has 150-170 calories and no nutrition. Have ice cold water or a can of diet soda if you like but limit the diet stuff to one can per day.

2. Go for a walk. A brisk walk and just for 15 minutes, twice a day. In a month, you'll walk off a pound!

3. Change the potato chips to pretzels. One serving of chips has 60 more calories than pretzels, and 10 times more fat grams. Just changing this snack will help you lose one half pound this month. Better yet, switch to baby carrots and lose another half pound.

4. Order a Whopper Jr. instead of the regular, and enjoy a side salad too. The Junior-sized sandwich is plenty for most folks and is mighty satisfying on its own. The original has 700 calories… the junior only 400. Eliminate the mayo on the junior and you’re doing even better! Save 390 calories on one sandwich and, assuming you eat out at least twice a week, you’ll drop at least three quarters of a pound just by switching from a large size to a smaller one.

5. Instead of sitting for hours in front of the television, get on your exercise bike and pedal during commercials! You'll burn about 200 calories. Do it at least five evenings per week during your favorite program (figure you’ll be pedaling about 20 minutes a day) and lose another pound!

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