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Learn about Body Mass Index

What is the Body Mass Index?
The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a calculation of body composition based on the relationship of weight and height for adults over the age of 20. The relation between body fat and BMI differs with age and gender. For example, women are more likely to have a higher percentage of body fat than men for the same BMI. On average, older people may have more body fat than younger adults with the same BMI.

Does BMI measure body fat?
No. It's a general number that you will need to interpret. If you know you're out of shape, knowing your BMI is helpful for you to determine how much weight you should lose. For fit people, it doesn't indicate a muscle-to-fat ratio and could be misleading. For example, most NFL players and bodybuilders would be considered obese according to their BMI ratings, even though they may be very fit with low body fat.

Is BMI a diagnostic tool?
Not really, since it's the most basic of scales. But it can certainly give you an indication that you should lose some weight.

How can I determine my BMI?
It's a very simple. Just use the calculator belowenter your height and weight and voila!

Once I calculate my BMI, what should I do with this information?
Nothing. It's simply a gauge of where you are. Keep working out and re-test your BMI periodically to see how it's improving.

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