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Four Surefire Fixes for Your Toughest Weight Loss Obstacles

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We've compiled a list of our members' four toughest weight loss obstacles and what our experts say about overcoming them.

Exercise and Weight Loss1. You're exercising, but not losing weight. You've been working out for weeks now, following your program to a T, and yet the scale hasn't moved. You're completely depressed and ready to give up. But don't! One of our members, Ivette R., experienced the same thing you're going through and went on to become a Beachbody Success Story and starred in the Slim in 6® show alongside Debbie Siebers!

In her own words, here's how Ivette did it:

I was scared to weigh myself, so I waited until the third week to climb on that scale. I was very disappointed. I did not lose any weight. Actually, I gained three pounds. I was about to quit, and my husband sat with me and told me that I was gaining muscle now and that shortly I was going to start losing fat. I went to your Web site and wrote all of my sorrows out to see if anyone was listening. I was very surprised that Debbie herself wrote back to me explaining the reason why I was gaining weight and to hang on—that I would start noticing the difference sooner than I thought. She really motivated me to continue. It was just like she said. Within one week, I just started dropping weight and inches like crazy.

Weight loss is based on many factors that affect each of us differently. Plus, in a workout program you are building muscle, which weighs over twice as much as fat. This means that you're actually shrinking even if you weigh the same as when you started!

Bottom line: The scale is not your friend. "You should really throw out your scale," says Siebers. "A tape measure is cheaper and far more effective for measuring results."

Diet Journal2. You can't control your eating. Your coworker baked all weekend and brings in a tray of brownies-to-die-for on Monday. Your husband surprises you with reservations to the best steak house in town. How do you stay on track amid all this temptation? According to Kathy Smith, you'll want to start by writing it down.

Keeping a daily journal is important to reaching any fitness and health goal, and in my latest program—Project: You participants track their hunger and satiety levels before and after each meal as part of their journaling. This helps them become more and more in tune with their body's cues. Are you famished? Are you content and comfortable? Or are you overly full and uncomfortable? Recognizing when you're satisfied is imperative to weight loss. If you're still hungry after a meal, it could mean several things:

  • Your body hasn't registered it's full yet.
  • You've eaten too quickly.
  • You're dehydrated.
  • You're shortchanging one of your food groups.
  • You're PMS-ing.
  • You've been skipping meals, or are not eating enough at each meal.

Bottom line: If you keep a diary of everything you're eating, it then becomes easy to see where you can shave calories, and it makes you less likely to cheat.

Results Scale3. Your results have hit a brick wall. You're working out regularly, following a sensible eating plan, and yet you can't seem to lose those last 10 pounds. If you reduce your calorie intake even more, your body might go into starvation mode or you won't have enough fuel to push through your workouts. If this is your dilemma, you're not alone. Beachbody's Fitness Advisor, Steve Edwards, has seen it thousands of times:

Hitting a plateau is inevitable. Whether you're very overweight or a professional athlete, it's going to happen to you at some point. So the best advice that I can give is not to panic about it. If you stay with your program and eat well, results will happen eventually. They have to. This, however, in no way means that you can't help yourself shorten the plateau.

By far the most effective solution is to change your routine. Your body tries to stay comfortable. When you change something, you disrupt the pattern and your body is forced to respond. You don't necessarily have to start a whole new program. Sometimes something as simple as adding more weight or speeding up your cadence is all you need to get results happening again.

Edwards' favorite plateau-busting program is Power Half Hour. It was designed by Tony Horton to add to Power 90®. "Because you've just finished a program," Horton says, "the workouts are body-part specific, which means that you can mix it up and do them any number of ways. This way, you don't stagnate, but accelerate, your results."

Bottom line: Variety really is the spice of life.

Get Motivated4. You can't get motivated. "Let's face it, we all have days when we'd rather do almost anything else other than exercise: take out the trash, run errands, even go to a museum," says Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler. But as CEO of this health and fitness company, Carl has the responsibility to make fitness a priority, and here are some mental tricks he uses to help himself get to it:

- I'll tell myself I'm only going to exercise for 10 minutes. Who can't handle 10 minutes? Even if I'm totally exhausted, it's only 10 minutes! Once I get moving and my blood starts pumping, my endorphins kick in and I start to feel more energized. And once I hit the 10-minute mark, it's usually easy to keep at it for 10 more. Before I know it, I've gotten a world-class workout done for the day.

- Shoot for seven perfect days. When seeing ahead to a 90-day or six-week goal is daunting, I simply break it down to an easier goal: seven straight days of good eating and good workouts. That's an accomplishment, and it makes re-upping for the next seven that much easier.

- Music. There's a reason we invested so much money in Turbo Jam and P90X Extreme Fitness® music, because music will push you. I have a 45-minute cardio soundtrack that I use to get me amped whenever motivation is a little light. (And no, it does not have "Eye of the Tiger" on it.)

- And finally, I find that the Beachbody virtual gym, is an invaluable tool for me to make sure I get my butt out of bed. Make an appointment, choose a Success Buddy, and the pressure's on to log in and show up on time. As CEO, I sure don't want to NOT show up, so I do, every time.

Bottom line: Motivation outweighs ever other factor - if you don't have it, find it. Don't pretend you can coast along without a concrete strategy to maintain it. Think back to what got you to order from Beachbody in the first place, and keep that in mind the next time you struggle to Push Play.

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