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My Slimming Secrets To 46 Pound Weight Loss

From eDiets - The online diet, fitness, and healthy living resource

It may not make a memorable country music song, but Debbie H. stands by her plan. And that's music to our ears because we know the eDiets program is both effective and economical.

Since linking up with eDiets last May, the 40-year-old mom-of-two has taken a major load off her mind... and her body. Over the past eight months, she's shed a whopping 46 pounds from her 57" frame, going from 188 pounds to 142 pounds.

Looking back now, Debbie says it was by far her easiest win at the grueling weight loss game.

Although she had lost 35 pounds a couple of years ago, it didn’t take her long to fall back in step with her old habits of eating all the wrong foods (READ: garlic bread, potatoes and other fattening starches) and avoiding all the right foods (like salads, fruits and water).

Debbie 46 Pounds Overweight The extra poundage became an issue for Debbie following the birth of her two children. Melissa is now 10, and Malia, 7... but the baby weight refused to cut the cord -- it clung to mom like a frightened child.

The pregnancy induced weight gain was slow but steady. Being tall, Debbie says she carried her weight well... so well that most people never noticed she was battling the bulge. But Debbie knew and it bothered her.

“Being overweight depressed me," she tells eDiets. "It made me feel bad about myself. I looked a little plump but not bad. Some people would even say I didn’t need to lose weight, but they’re not me."

When Debbie first heard about eDiets through a friend who was following the popular program, she was skeptical of doing an internet diet. But the more progress her buddy made, the more appealing the leading online weight loss program became to the Washington state resident. Already knowing someone on the plan, Debbie knew she would not be alone in her journey. So, she joined and the rest (all 46 pounds) is history.

Debbie Lost 46 Pounds The meal plan and the shopping list were the ultimate diet tools for determined Debbie. Since poor planning was one of her biggest downfalls, having all her meals laid out a week ahead of time became the secret to her success. If there was a dish she didnt like, she would simply swap it out for another eDiets recipe.

“I would take the shopping list for seven days and get all the food I needed," she says. "Once I had gotten the food, I would tell myself I had to eat it. That helped me stay on the plan. I wouldn’t waver so much if I already had the food.”

Debbie’s perfect planning paid off. For lunch, she dines on frozen entrees. When it comes to dinner, this lucky lady has her own personal chef. Husband Doua prepares dinner most nights. Even if it means making eDiets for Debbie and something different for the children, he’s happy to oblige. That in itself has been a lifesaver for Debbie, especially since she’s constantly crunched for time between family, work, church and exercise.

Following the meal plan has meant big changes for Debbie, who once couldn’t stand the thought of chopping up vegetables.

“Before, I didn’t ever make salads for my family but now I crave my green salad just full of veggies," she notes. "I am working on getting the kids to like them too. So, far they are sold on broccoli, mushrooms and carrots... that's a start!”

For Debbie, the biggest challenge has been fitting fitness into her busy schedule. While Doua makes dinner, Debbie does workouts! Prior to joining eDiets, exercise was a monthly thing, as in she would work out once a month. But with the guidance of myfitness, eDiets’ fitness tool, she became more consistent, going so far as to mark it on her calendar.

Her five days of cardio include step aerobics videos and walking. Meanwhile, she does the toning exercises provided by eDiets three days a week. Being able to do everything in the comfort of her own home eliminates the time she would spend driving to and from the gym.

“The hardest thing is finding the time to exercise," Debbie says. "The house may be a mess or you may have to sacrifice something else to exercise, but you have to fit it in your schedule. You have to make the time. That’s all there is to it. It’s a matter of your health.”

In addition to a regular exercise program, eDiets led Debbie to water... and got her to drink.

Although she had never been a big drinker in the past (water, soda or any beverage, for that matter), Debbie now consumes upwards of 120 ounces of water a day. Thats nearly twice the recommended amount.

So, what has kept this driven dieter moving in the light direction all this time? It’s more than just the meal plan and the exercise guidance. It’s also the support and encouragement she received from her fellow dieters.

Throughout her journey to wellness, Debbie has never felt alone. She’s been active on the Buddy Board and the Ultimate Challenge Board, where she competed in various friendly competitions with her fellow eDieters.

“Accountability is a big thing when you have to report in," raves our slimming superstar. "You want to make sure you tell them you succeeded. I didn’t want to tell them I screwed up, and I wasn’t going to lie. That was part of my drive as well.

"The support boards give you the accountability. You can simply weigh in but it’s not the same. It’s the real people out there that you check in with that make the difference. It’s not just weight loss support -- it’s support in all areas of your life. I’ve made so many friends. It’s been great."

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